Revive & Thrive Porthcawl

Come and join us Revive and Thrive Porthcawl, grow your business in this challenging Environment…

Grand Pavilion Porthcawl 10:00am-4:00pm

  • To explore further growth opportunities and establish Porthcawl as a vibrant resort

  • The ‘do nothing option’ What will fill the void?

  • Let’s be positive!

  • Opportunities

Featuring 2 workshops led by the National “Revive & Thrive” Team

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Olive Tree Restaurant
Olive Tree Restaurant


Facilitated by Jayne James

  • Pyle Garden Village
  • former High Sheriff
  • Former BBC newsreader





Aim: To engage Businesses across Porthcawl and the surrounding area in embarking on the Porthcawl ‘Growth Plan’.

Revive & Thrive is a national network connecting people, places and town solution providers so that you can work together to make places better.

revive and thrive logo

Two workshops led by the National Revive &Thrive team

Workshop 1 – Finding the right sustainable model to take Porthcawl forward from today.

Workshop 2 – Brand Porthcawl.

Porthcawl Revive & Thrive Leaflet

revive and thrive leaflet


revive and thrive leaflet 2

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