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An Ambassador programme that enhances visitor experience in Bridgend County for residents and travellers alike.

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Perfect Day

This Autumn we have the opportunity to expand our sense of place training to include the Vale of Glamorgan. The Vale Tourism Association will also roll out an Ambassador training programme available to our members.

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Perfect Day is a half-day customer service training programme for tourism industry professionals, which combine an excellent refresher in local product knowledge with an advanced customer skills session.

The first half of the session, equally useful for those new to the area or industry or more experienced practitioners, is a whistle-stop tour of all the amazing places there are to visit and things to do in and around the Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend County. It covers visitor attractions activities, beaches and events and encourages you to really get thinking about just how much there is to se and do just within the local area. The session is interactive with quizzes and plenty of opportunities to consider your different visitor types and what they might enjoy. The participant workbook contains key contact details for where to find the key information for all activities, attractions and events included and will become a well-used resource in your business.

 The second half of the session covers the development of customer service skills, both as a tool to improve business outcomes and also to support the personal development of individual employed in the hospitality industry. Looking at things from a behavioural approach and using skills based upon neuro-linguistic programming, the session covers effective systems and processes to ensure service excellence alongside key communication skills empowering individuals and teams to both proactively deliver a seamless service as well as deal effectively with tricky situations.

 Originally developed in 2103 and delivered to over 100 people locally. 100% described the training, as useful with all participants rating both modules as excellent or good.  Perfect Day now has been updated for 2015 and is an ideal way to get you and your staff on point for the 2016 visitor season.



 Perfect Day News

Development and continuation of Perfect Day…..

Destination Ambassador

  • This will target and support the wider ‘tourism community’, identifying key destination advocates who have a passion for portraying a positive sense of place through a range of media, especially social media.
  • In addition, specific sessions will be provided in filming, photography and creative writing.
  • Individuals will not only receive the benefit of the sessions they attend but also on­going mentoring support from the organisations involved during the project.
  • A Destination Ambassador Communications plan, in which all who have been supported will be signed up to roles and responsibilities, will be created for implementation post-RTEF funding.

Perfect Day is a training programme developed by the Bridgend Tourism Association to promote exemplary customer service from our members for guests and visitors.

Perfect Day” aims to ensure that visitors  to the Bridgend area receive an all-round perfect experience, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, with warm welcome and clear guidance on how to get the most out of the destination.

So look out for the “Perfect Day” logo so you can be sure that you will receive excellent service from staff that want to make your day a “Perfect Day”.


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