Need to Know

Destination Action Plan Oct 2015


Traffic Signs for Tourist Destinations on Trunk Roads and Motorways in Wales

destination management slide

Bridgend 120514 (2)

Wales Tourism Alliance Round up May 2014

Tourism Industry Sets out 5 Stage Assistance Plan

As a result of the flooding crisis and the direct and indirect impacts on tourism businesses, industry players have now set out a five part plan to help small tourism operators.

Business Booklet from the Welsh Language commission

We now have the digital copies of our business booklet which might be of interest to you. As I mentioned before, I’m keen to let businesses know that we are able to assist them.

The booklets can be found on our website

Welsh version:

English version:

Brown & White Signage

Equality Act 2010

Ban on age discrimination in the provision of services,public functions and associations.

A guide for holiday providers, hotels and those letting holiday properties

Tourism Act 1969

The statutory tourism functions of the Welsh Government fall under two primary Tourism Acts. The Development of Tourism Act 1969 and the Tourism (Overseas Promotion (Wales)) Act 1992.

The Development of Tourism Act 1969 gives the Welsh Government general powers and functions to:

  • Encourage people to visit Wales and people living in Wales to holiday here.
  • Encourage the provision of tourism amenities and facilities in Wales.

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