Tourism Association sustainability tool kit

Working together | Business Wales


Following the last independent tourism association review, Visit Wales has produced the tool kit “Making your tourism association more sustainable”. It offers great advice and identifies a number of exemplar tourism associations which others may find helpful to contact.
A number of other actions resulting from the recommendations from the review will be seen in the coming months, particularly in our level and variety of communication.
We have  already increased our twitter activity which has been very helpful in promoting our new 1-2-1 business advice sessions. We’ll also be sharing our communication schedules to help individual tourism associations contribute appropriate content – hopefully this will increase local interest in our newsletters and bulletins. Tourism association members on the regional engagement forums will also be asked to be more accountable for the two way flow of information between Visit Wales and the various areas of the tourism industry, so you should take time to acquaint yourselves with the forum members in your area.
The recent RTEF and TPIF application criteria were also improved by suggestions from the review. Although budgets constraints will always limit the level of financial support, the review provided additional weight to the Ministerial decision to implement a two year funding period and to include project staff costs as eligible expenditure.

Working together | Business Wales


Visit Wales Biz

Let’s keep in touch and work together.  Opportunities for getting involved with our campaigns and trade events and exhibitions are usually announced in our regular newsletters and on twitter.

If you’ve specific questions about running a tourism business or starting a business from scratch then contact our colleagues at Business Wales can help.


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