Advertise for free on Dare to Discover App

All Bridgend Tourism Association members are now able to advertise deals and special offers to the public free of charge on the Dare to Discover app.

If you would like to advertise any offers or discounts on the app please email BTA with your offer’s details in the format below.

Title – e.g. “One child meal free with every adult meal”

Start and end date

Voucher code – i.e. the code you would like to use for customers to redeem the voucher

Teaser – This should be two or three lines of text that embellish on the title.

Description – This should be a paragraph of text that fully describes the offer. You can put restrictions in here, or leave that to the terms and conditions.

The description will often contain a “call to action”, which is what you want the visitors to do. For example with a description like “Come to our shop during June to get 10% off all beachwear with this voucher” then the call to action is “Come to our shop…”

Term and Conditions – This is the “small print” of the offer and sets out exactly when and how the offer is valid.

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